Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bring in the clowns

It took a long time to find some one to do an image like this , even if some one says they are up for pretty much anything but when you mention clowns they all run the other way. People think that clowns are creepy, I personally don't see it. Justine was amazing, she stepped in and owned it.
This image was done with my usual D300 and 16-85mm. For the lighting I started off with a typical over under beauty light with the main light in front of her but just above her eye line and then on the floor I had a reflector with an SB-900 on top of it but then I put a diffusion panel above that which gave me a nice soft light and about a stop less light. It really wasn't conveying the creepy aspect of clowns the way I wanted so I reversed the power ratios on putting more light through the low light and then the top light was dialed back to just a little bit of a fill light. The it was processed in Lightroom.

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